Hunting Safety: "Buddy System"

Translating a military strategy into hunting success.

Lessons From the Infantry: Take Care of Your Feet

A retired colonel explains how to ensure your "prime movers" keep doing their job.

Zen and the Art of Reloading: the Lee Loader

A terrific option for the casual shooter to relax and save money at the same time.

What is "Point Blank Range"?

As with many phrases related to marksmanship, everybody uses it...not everybody knows what it really means.

How Far is Too Far to Shoot?

Some rules of thumb for the new hunter.

Beginning Firearm Accuracy: Groups & What They Mean

You'll read in gun reviews and advice articles about "groups." But what do they mean to you?

The Moose That Saved My Life

A tale of moose and men.

Again With the Front Sight!

Yes, we keep harping on it. Here's the simple science behind why.

Why We Focus On The Front Sight

You've heard it and heard's why you should believe it.

Surviving Extreme Cold-Weather Conditions

10 tips to avoid cold-weather injuries.

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