man alone in the dark woods

Fun Friday: 3 Incredibly Creepy Outdoor Legends

Just in time for Halloween: Three nightmare campfire tales with just an element of truth.

Fun Friday: The Making of "Tombstone"

This masterpiece of the Western genre boasts some of the best historical firearms accuracy out there.

Fun Friday: The Convict Ship That Wasn't

Whipping posts, Iron Maidens and salesmanship: This is a story of Success.

Fun Friday: Fish Tales

Not all outdoor OOPS!es happen in the hunting woods.

Fun Friday: 3 (Really Embarrassing) Outdoor Stories

Anonymous, but not apocryphal: It's all true...not that we'd admit it.

Fun Friday: Your Camp Crystal Lake EDC Kit

In which we prepare for Jason Voorhees. (Or his mom. Whatever.)

3 Things to Know to Survive Your Colorado Adventure

How to not get pwned by the Centennial State.

Fun Friday: "Highlander" EDC

What would Connor MacLeod carry?

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