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Throwback Thursday: How Handguns Shaped World War I (& Vice-Versa)

As the face of war changed, so did the guns we used to fight it: a look at the necessity that mothered inventions.

Throwback Thursday: Meet John Henry Pruitt & the Trench Heroes of WWI

American bravery in the first World War was writ large and small, and punctuated with buckshot and bullets.

Throwback Thursday: World War I's "Cousins" Unite

A mere century earlier, America and Britain were at war. But by 1915, the family feud was over.

Throwback Thursday: WWI's "Harlem Hellfighters"

These unsung heroes of the trenches overcame segregationist policies and racist attitudes ... and everything the Germans threw at them.

Throwback Thursday: The Indomitable Sgt. Alvin York

This World War I Congressional Medal of Honor recipient's story almost defies belief ... but every word is true.

Throwback Thursday: "Come and Get Us" at Argonne Forest

Six days, 544 men and a pigeon named Cher Ami: This is the tale of the Lost Battalion.

Throwback Thursday: World War I & The Devil's Paintbrush

Learn about the impact that trench warfare, artillery and machine guns had in battles like Verdun during World War 1.


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