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5 Things to Watch Out For in the Dark Woods

Hunting is one of the safest activities in America, and awareness of the hazards that do exist outdoors is key to keeping it that way. Here are five potential pitfalls that you should keep in mind...especially if you are navigating in the dark.

Basics of Hunter Safety

Safety in the hunting fields is your responsibility.

Hunting Safety: "Buddy System"

Translating a military strategy into hunting success.

The Colorblind Hunter

We tackle a common but rarely addressed issue.

Treestand Safety: Our Tips

The No. 1 hunting-related injury by far remains falls from treestands. This month, as millions of American deer hunters climb in pursuit of their passion, it's important to remember that fact.

Hunting Safer Than Ever in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State reports that 2014 was among the safest for hunters in the last 100 years.

Hunter Safety System's Lil Treestalk Harness

Wearing a harness in the treestand is important for any hunter, but especially a youth hunter. Hunter Safety System has the first harness designed specifically for youths.

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