Hunter Safety in the Field

Safety begins with you! Follow these tips to have a safe and successful time in the field.

Hunting Safety: "Buddy System"

Translating a military strategy into hunting success.

4 Things You Must Know Before You Shoot

To be an ethical hunter, it's important to keep these four concepts in mind before you squeeze the trigger.

5 Tips to Help a New Hunter Succeed

Some awesome advice from a woman who's been there.

4 Ways to Prevent Tree Stand Accidents

According to statistics cited by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA), one in three hunters who use tree stands will fall at some point during their hunting career.

How to Sharpen a Knife

A sharp knife is a safe knife.

Hunting With a Group: Always Do Safety Briefs!

Here's why (and how) you should always start a group hunt with a safety brief.

Hearing Protection for Hunters

"But we're outside! But it's just a couple of shots! But I need to hear the animals!" No more excuses for omitting your ear pro.

Never Hunted Before? 6 Steps to Get Started Right

Meat prices got you down? Get started now, and you can hunt wild game to fill your freezer this fall!

6 Things to Know Before Hunting Over a Bird Dog

Enjoy this time-honored tradition safely.

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