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Multi-Function Self-Defense and Survival Hiking Staff

The Original Survival Staff from Crawford Knives is a customizable combination of a stability aid and self-defense tool. Find out how the staff works.

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Are you looking for the perfect summer adventure for your family? Why not try hiking one of America's best-loved trails, the Appalachian Trail?

Hike the North Country National Scenic Trail

If you live up North, this terrific trail might be just the perfect hiking adventure for your family.

Become A Woman of the Outdoors!

Since 1995 NHBOW has been getting women outdoors.

Rein Fido In

Keep yourself and your pet safe around wildlife.

4 Things To Know About Dehydration

Summer lovin’, had me a blast! Summer lovin’, dehydratin’ so fast.

On Track with Map and Compass

Learn the basics of finding your way with simple, foolproof tools.

Surviving Extreme Cold-Weather Conditions

10 tips to avoid cold-weather injuries.

12 Survivors' SolarFlare 5 Solar Charger

Never run out of battery in the backwoods again.

First Aid In the Field

Don't let yourself be unprepared to render first aid if your adventures will take you out in the wilderness.

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