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Early Birds: Late-Summer Wingshooting

It’s commonly known that hunting season kicks off with the opening of dove season on September 1.

Shotgun Lead: Getting Out in Front

Dropping a moving target with your scattergun is a totally different game than aiming at a steel gong, and it all starts with "lead."

How to Properly Fit a Shotgun

Fit is crucial when it comes to shotgunning. Gunsite instructor Il Ling New breaks it down for you.

British Women Hunt the Heartland

An all-woman U.K. shooting club tours the Kansas Governor's Ringneck Classic.

What's Five-Stand Sporting Clays?

Blending two shotgun sports to create the next hot shooting game.

3 Shotgunning Tips For Beginners: Body Position

Here's how to position your body with your shotgun to boost your success.

6 Dove-Hunting Safety Rules You Must Know

These hard-flying birds are fun to hunt, but remember the first priority: safety.

First Impressions: Escort's 3 New Budget-Friendly Pump-Action Shotguns

Dependable, affordable, sized right for your family AND your wallet.

How to Field-Dress a Game Bird

Don't miss the most delicious part of the harvest with these tips.

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