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Kids & Clays Expands Sporting Clay Events for 2015

The Kids & Clays Foundation has added five new event sites for 2015, making it one of the largest series held.

Across the Globe

Way, way past the horizon, in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s top junior shooters love shooting just as much as you do. Want to meet some of them? Read on!

Build Your Own AR-15

The modern sporting rifle is this century's answer to the kit gun.

Top 4 Reasons AR-15s are Great Guns for Women

Don't let their "military" appearance fool you: The modern sporting rifle is the perfect first long gun for women.

Collecting Shotshell Boxes: Fun and Affordable

Build your collection of Second Amendment history.

Keystone Sporting Arms Crickett

Are you a young shooter looking for your first rimfire rifle? Check out the scaled-down Crickett.

Lets Go to the Museum!

Have you always wanted to visit the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Va., but been disappointed by the distance from your home? Well, the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum, which is now open at the Bass Pro Shops flagship superstore in Springfield, Mo., might just be the answer!

NRA National Sporting Arms Museum's One Millionth Visitor

The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops hits a seven-digit milestone.

5 AR-15s Under $1,000

Tax refund time, anyone?

Sporting Dogs Make Great Family Pets

So you're looking for a dog that will be as well-behaved at home with your little ones as he is in the field. Here are some suggestions for hunting dogs that also make great pets.

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