Disaster Preparedness for Families

Get your kids involved in disaster preparedness. It's fun for everyone and they can be a helpful asset in an emergency.

Kids Just Want to Have Fun

If you want to get the next generation into shooting, don't forget: Make it fun for them.

Crime-Proof Your Kids

Teaching your kids about personal safety will help reduce the odds that they become a victim.

Leatherman Leap Multi-Tool

Leatherman has designed a new multi-tool like the one your dad gave you, except this one is just for kids.

The Gamo Little Cat

One of the latest Gamo offerings is aimed mostly at entry-level young shooters taking a step up from BB guns into the realm of more potent pellet-firing air rifles.

Maryland offers 2 Junior Deer Hunting Days

If you live in Maryland, now's the time to mentor a youth interested in hunting.

Youth Extreme Outdoors: Camo That Can Grow With Your Kids

When kids are quickly outgrowing clothes, what could be better than a camouflage apparel that adjusts with their growth?

Kids & Clays Expands Sporting Clay Events for 2015

The Kids & Clays Foundation has added five new event sites for 2015, making it one of the largest series held.

Maine Lifts Hunting Age Minimum

This makes 40 states with no minimum hunting age.

Top 5 Hunts for Kids

It’s essential to ease children into the sport of hunting, and these five classic hunts are perfect for rookies.

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