Favorite Firearms

Do you have a special firearm that has been in your family for as long as you can remember? Did you win a competition with your favorite handgun? Whatever you consider your favorite firearm, share it with us here and tell us why it's your favorite.

Careers in the Firearms Industry

Why not turn your passion into a career?

Auction Benefits The USA Shooting Team

Three unique firearms were auctioned off this past weekend to help raise funds for the USA Shooting Team before the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro!

Family and Firearms with Jenn Jacques

The series finale of Jenn Jacques Unveiled.

TacticalWalls: Home Concealment Products

In your sight but out of others’

The Illustrated History of Firearms

It’s fitting that a spectacular new book from the NRA’s National Firearms Museum is entitled “The Illustrated History of Firearms” (rather than “An Illustrated History”) because of the way it so completely and skillfully spans all important firearm milestones within a single, practical volume.

Pre-Order Your 7th Edition Blue Book of Tactical Firearms Values Now!

Be first in line to receive this invaluable firearms resource.

New Guy Takes National Firearms Museum to SHOT Show

T. Logan Metesh, a new NRA Museum employee, is taking the National Firearms Museum on the road for the first time ever to SHOT Show in Vegas.

Carrying Concealed and Businesses That Prohibit Firearms

What should an ethical concealed-carry permit holder do?

Is a New Facebook Policy Helping to Out Hunters?

New “Friend Requests” has led to a flurry of reported hunting pictures.

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