NorthCountry Whitetails Releases Kindle Edition of Whitetails: From Ground to Gun

The latest book from the guys at NorthCountry Whitetails is now available for purchase in a Kindle edition.

Learn to Shoot Like a Girl

Let Shoot Like a Girl, Inc. and its expert staff teach you how to shoot a compound bow, rifle and handgun. Ladies only!

Please Do Not Take Selfies with the Bull Elk

When you find a stressed bull elk in the vacant lot of your neighborhood, the last thing you should do is get close to it in an attempt to take a selfie.

3 Out of 4 Hosts on The View in Favor of Gun Ownership

Three out of four panelists from The View showed their support for a woman's right to protect herself and her family with a firearm on Tuesday's show.

What and Why: The National Deer Alliance

Do you hunt deer? Are you passionate about hunting? You may want to get involved with the National Deer Alliance. Here's the what and why of the new organization.

Smith and Wesson New M and P .22 Compact Pistol

Smith & Wesson has expanded the M&P series with the new M&P .22 compact pistol.

Shooting the Smith and Wesson M and P Line

Sarah Smith Barnum hit the range to try her hand at the new Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact, along with some of the other firearms from the M&P line. Here's what she had to say about the newest iteration.

Approved Wild Game for Airgun Hunting

If you want to hunt with your airgun this season, make sure to check out the approved species hunting list from Crosman.

Paintball Guns for Pest Deer?

One Ohio City Council member suggested using paintball guns to deal with nuisance deer. Yes, that's right. Paintball guns...

TenPoint Shadow Ultra-Lite Crossbow

If you're in the market for a new crossbow for a smaller-framed shooter or youth, check out the newest iteration from TenPoint: The Shadow Ultra-Lite crossbow.

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