Another Conservation Success: Yellowstone Grizzlies May Be Delisted Soon

Yellowstone grizzly bear populations appear to be fully recovered.

How Will You Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day?

Saturday, September 24 is the perfect day to enjoy the outdoors with your family.

Top 4 Reasons To Hunt

Here are some hunting facts that your friends might not know.

NRA’s Fight to Save Hunting

At five million members strong, here is what the NRA is doing to stand with American hunters and save the future of hunting and wildlife conservation.

4 Weird Things Anti-Hunters Say

My eyes roll so hard I can see into the future.

Cool Job: Outdoor Magazine Editor

Is this the dream gun-industry job for you?

Feral Hogs: World’s Worst Invasive Species

At least within the environmental and hunting communities, we’ve heard...

10 Tips For Cooking Wild Game

All courtesy of the Wild-Game Culinary Adventure!

Missouri WOLF School Brings Conservation to the Classroom

In Springfield, Mo., the WOLF school takes 46 5th graders each year to learn a standard curriculum through the lens of conservation.

How Hunting Helps Wildlife

It may seem counterintuitive, but it's true: Hunting saves species.

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