Cool Jobs: Hunting Outfitter

Could this be the "cool job" for you?

Firearms Career: Gunsmith

How do you become a gunsmith? Read on to find out!

Cool Jobs: Falconer

This ancient hunting art is still as fascinating today as it was when it was the sport of kings and nobility.

Outdoor Industry Career: Wildlife Forensic Scientist

This cool job is nothing like what you might see on TV, but it's still just as fascinating.

Outdoor Industry Careers: Park Naturalist

This fun outdoor career is an excellent adventure.

Outdoor Careers: Search and Rescue

Most people are thrilled if they work at a job that is their passion, like Don Davis, who performs search and rescue missions as a career.

Outdoor Careers: Game Warden

Interested in law enforcement in the outdoors? How about this "cool job"?

Outdoor Careers: Wildland Firefighter

What is it really like to be on the fire line, breathing the smoke and feeling the heat?

Cool Jobs: Law Enforcement Officer

Do you have what it takes to hold the "thin blue line"?

Cool Jobs: Marine Patrol

On the water with the Marine Patrol.

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