Outdoor Careers: Shooting Range Manager

Is this a dream job for you? Then read on!

Armed by Architecture: How Better Design Got Me to a Gun Range

“We wanted an inclusive destination—nonthreatening, everyone’s invited."

NRA's Rules for Gun-Range Safety & Etiquette

The Three Rules of Gun Safety apply everywhere, but if you're shooting at a public range, there's more you need to know.

Understanding Range Commands is Critical to Gun Safety

If you're a new shooter visiting a shooting range, there are some gun-specific terms of art you need to know.

Please Don't Do These 6 Things at a Public Range

It's all about gun safety, courtesy towards others and also gun safety. (Yes, we said it twice!)

Firearms Industry Career: Shooting Range Owner

Looking for an awesome career in the firearms industry?

First Aid for the Range

Here are some tips and tactics for putting together your own first aid kit for the range.

NRA Insurance Helps Oregon Shooting Complex Reopen

Closed since July 1, the public shooting ranges at Oregon's Jackson County Sports Park Shooting Complex are again open to shooting enthusiasts thanks to insurance coverage provided by the NRA Endorsed Insurance Program.

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