Aidan Cole Lede

Rising Shooting Stars: Aidan Cole

This young man's Silhouette career is already casting a big shadow!

Rising Shooting Stars: Ethan Clark

Imagine finding a lifelong passion just because you missed a deadline.

Rising Shooting Stars: Taylor Dale

This teen shotgun-sports competitor is breaking clays and expectations, both home and abroad!

Rising Shooting Stars: Koa Van Hoven

Meet a humble young champion whose goal is to help others succeed, too.

Rising Shooting Stars: Katie Blankenship

What started as an after-school activity to support her hunting passion turned into a passion all its own.

Rising Shooting Stars: Benjamin Holliger

He made the Top 20 at the 2022 National Matches ... at the age of just 15. What are his secrets?

Rising Shooting Stars: Dakota Wright

From the first shot of .22LR to Team USA in two years flat!

Rising Shooting Stars: Sophia Bultema

From an orphanage to the Olympics, this young clays shooter has yet to find her limit.

Rising Shooting Stars: Kaeli-Gracyn Bourgoyne

I plan to be a leader and inspire as many people as I can as I continue on my journey to achieving these goals.”

Rising Shooting Stars: Morgan Leonhardt

She may not be old enough to drive, but this New Orleans phenom is racing to the top of the competitive shooting world!

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