Davidsons Gunsite Glock Lede

Video Review: Davidson's Gunsite Glock Service Pistol

This iconic Austrian pistol's specially outfitted with features and accessories chosen by the elite team of trainers and shooters at Gunsite Academy.

Video Review: Marlin Model 336 Classic

This classic lever-gun design went from its new production line straight into our testers' hands. How does the reborn Model 336 hold up?

Gun Safety: How to Clean Your Gun

Keeping your gun clean helps keep it working properly, which is an important part of gun safety!

Supreme Court Accepts NRA First Amendment Case – A “Historic Step Forward” for the NRA and Free Speech

The decision is a landmark development in one of the most closely watched First Amendment cases in the nation. 

NRA Family Entertainment: The Remington Podcast

From tech talk to deep-dive duck-hunting discussion, this new family-friendly podcast instructs and entertains.

Please Don't Do These 6 Things at a Public Range

It's all about gun safety, courtesy towards others and also gun safety. (Yes, we said it twice!)

NRA Family Entertainment: Jim Shockey's Novel, "Call Me Hunter"

One of the world's most famous outdoor writers penned a fictional thriller ... with a "good guy" hunter protagonist, of course!

NRA Range Development & Operations Conference To Be Held in Denver, CO in 2024

This conference is designed to educate range operators to identify issues associated with range development, environmental concerns and safety.

NRA Women's Policy Committee Offering Scholarships for Wildlife Biology

This annual scholarship is intended to encourage the representation of women in scholarly fields related to wildlife biology.

Video Review: Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol 12-Gauge Shotgun

This workhorse defensive shotgun offers some interesting departures from "the usual."

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