Cool Jobs: Wildlife Artist

Feeling the call of the wild.

How to Shoot

Day-to-day life has a tendency to overwhelm our memories and make us lose sight of where we all started. Christopher Olsen, NRA Publications' Armorer, talks about how he got started shooting and his earliest memories behind the trigger which eventually led to his job.

Cool Jobs: Dog Trainer

If you love dogs, this might just be the best "cool job" for you.

Cool Jobs: Outdoor Photographer

If you love photography and the outdoors, this might just be the cool job for you.

Cool Jobs: Wildlife Biologist

Is this rewarding outdoor career for you?

Cool Jobs: Game Warden

Interested in law enforcement in the outdoors? How about this "cool job"?

Cool Jobs: Wildlife Filmmaker

Talk about a cool career! Is it for you?

Cool Jobs: Hunting Outfitter

Could this be the "cool job" for you?

Cool Jobs: Wildlife Sculptor

Getting inspiration from nature.

Cool Jobs: Marine Patrol

On the water with the Marine Patrol.

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