Regis Giles - Hunting Tips

Regis Giles - Hunting Tips

Take NRA's Basics of Pistol Shooting Course...Online!

Making the basics available to even the busiest gun owners.

How Do Guns Work? Self-Loading Mechanisms

We break down how semi-automatics work.

Again With the Front Sight!

Yes, we keep harping on it. Here's the simple science behind why.

How to Handle Squib Loads and Hangfires

The gun went bang...sort of. You know something's not right, and you know you need to fix it safely. But how?

Pistol Shooting Positions: Part I

Getting into pistol competition? Here’s what you need to know!

How to Choose a Knife

Bowie knives, drop-points,'s what all the terms mean, and which knife is best for what.

All About Shotguns

Some cool facts about the world's most versatile gun.

Stay Sharp: Knife Safety Basics

Know your knife-safety basics.

All About Gunstocks: Surface Treatments

Most firearm stocks have some form of surface treatment. Here's what they are.

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