Write Freedom In

The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund has announced the winners of its annual Youth Essay Contest.

Palladium Press: Publishing Firearms Classics Since 1997

Palladium Press, LLC offers a vast array of finely-crafted books that will last for years to come. Any Second Amendment or firearm enthusiast will find something to take home.

Pro-Second Amendment Children's Book Explains Open Carry

Authors Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew have written a new book for children, My Parents Open Carry, aimed at explaining to kids why their parents may choose to carry a firearm openly.

Missourians Approve Measure Strengthening Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Missouri voters have adopted an amendment to their state constitution strengthening the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Gun Photos: Our Reporter Tests a Retail Titan

Has Walmart been refusing to print photos featuring firearms, or is this story just a flash in the pan?

Jesse Minton for Gold and Guns

Jesse Minton, an 11-year-old boy from Indianapolis, Indiana, is very different from your average pre-teen.

A Symposium on Second Amendment Rights: History and Challenges

This Thursday holds a one-day lay symposium on protecting the right to bear arms.

4 Ways to Help Your Friends Get the Facts on Guns

There are a lot of misconceptions about guns and gun owners out there. Arm yourself with the truth.

A Challenge for the President

Watch the Wayne LaPierre video.

The Top 5 Media Misrepresentations of Gun Ownership (That are Actually Totally Normal)

You can help correct popular misconceptions about our sport.

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