Fun Friday Quiz: Can You Get These Right?

How closely have you been reading NRA Family? Try our quiz and see!

Fun Friday: Twinkletoes the Bear

This one's just too funny to keep to ourselves.

Fun Friday: The War of the Rodents

“It’s awful. You can’t go anywhere. They’ve wrecked everything."

Fun Friday: 5 Weird Wildlife Facts

They sound like tabloid headlines, but these crazy wildlife facts are totally true.

Fun Friday: Back To the Pliocene Epoch

Wooly mammoths, saber-toothed cats and giant predatory birds.

Best of 2016's Fun Fridays

Come on, you weren't getting any work done today anyway.

5 Movies That Got Gun Handling Right (For a Change)

Occasionally silver screen blockbusters get a gold star for proper gun handling and authenticity.

5 Funny Hunting-Dog Videos

Five hilarious videos to set the tone for your weekend.

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