4 Things to Know About the Basics of Reloading

Save money and have fun with this do-it-yourself hobby that lets you be in charge of every cartridge.

5 Things Every Deer Hunter Should Know

Here are your keys to a successful deer hunt, East or West.

Build Your Own AR-15

The modern sporting rifle is this century's answer to the kit gun.

5 Tips for Building Your Own AR-15

Interested in putting together your own version of America's most popular rifle? Author Richard Mann has five tips to get you started.

Super Shotguns

Looking for a compact scattergun? Here are some terrific options.

Inexpensive Ammunition Rated for Effectiveness

Looking for budget-friendly ammo to feed your firearm?

Kimber's Adirondack Rifle

Fashionably light, elegant and versatile

How to Choose a Knife

Bowie knives, drop-points,'s what all the terms mean, and which knife is best for what.

6 Family Survival-Kit Essentials

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Raccoon Hunting: Great For New Hunters

Follow a hallowed American tradition.

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