Favorite Firearms

Do you have a special firearm that has been in your family for as long as you can remember? Did you win a competition with your favorite handgun? Whatever you consider your favorite firearm, share it with us here and tell us why it's your favorite.

Gun Safety

It's never a bad time to brush up on the basics of gun safety.

Goal 2016: Get Expert Firearm Instruction at Whittington U

Want to get trained on guns in one of the most beautiful places in America?

Video: Know Your Gun Safety Rules

Because gun safety can't be emphasized enough!

Throwback Thursday: Handguns of World War I

Handguns have been part of a soldier's toolset for hundreds of years. What was different about World War I?

Throwback Thursday: M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun

For this #TBT, learn about the history and context behind the M1A1 submachine gun.

Video: NRA's Gun Safety Tips for New Shooters

New shooters and experienced shooters alike can benefit from this short video.

Fun Friday: NRA Country's Aaron Watson

This indie country music star is all about faith, family, fans...and firearms!

NRA Carry Guard Expo Tix Available Now!

The Expo is back and better than ever in Richmond, Virginia!

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