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Win a Rifle or a Scope with Boone & Crockett's "Fair Chase" Video and Essay Contest

Everyone who practices ethical hunting wins, but in this case, the rewards might be a bit more tangible.

“Hunt Right” Aims for Ethical Hunting in Montana

Boone and Crockett Club supports Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks “Hunt Right” effort.

How to Score a Whitetail Trophy

What do all those numbers mean when you're measuring antlers?

Throwback Thursday: A Frontier Flintlock Named Jacob

Of all the frontiersman's possessions, the most prized was his flintlock.

Boone & Crockett Club and NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum Creating Online Hunter Ethics Curriculum

The Fair Chase Hunter Ethics curriculum will complement existing NRA hunter education modules to carry a positive message to new and existing hunters.

Throwback Thursday: Of Teddy Bears and Fair Chase

It's the cuddliest #ThrowbackThursday to date!


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