Dvorchak Stress Lede

Dr.'s Rx for Shooting & Hunting Stress

What's the biggest impediment to harvesting that buck: weather, the gun ... or you?

Cool Jobs: Law Enforcement Officer

Do you have what it takes to hold the "thin blue line"?

Throwback Thursday: Wally Johnson, the Last Ivory Hunter

In 1937 Mozambique, elephants were so overpopulated that people were dying. There, Wally Johnson made his legend.

Please Don't Do These 6 Things at a Public Range

It's all about gun safety, courtesy towards others and also gun safety. (Yes, we said it twice!)

How I Quit Worrying and Learned to Love My Gun Safe

I’ve always believed I didn’t really need or want a safe.

Register Now for Public-Land Christmas Tree Permits

Yes, we're bringing up Christmas before it's even Halloween. Will you forgive us if we tell you about $5 trees?

NRA Family Fun: Crater of Diamonds State Park

Find diamonds in the rough (they're yours to keep) at this unique Arkansas public-land destination!

First Impressions: Cold Steel's Cable Whip Cane

This less-lethal defensive option is the utmost in discretion and utility.

Throwback Thursday: "Come and Get Us" at Argonne Forest

Six days, 544 men and a pigeon named Cher Ami: This is the tale of the Lost Battalion.

Throwback Thursday: Minié Ball & America's Civil War

Minié Ball ammunition: A French bullet that starred in the American Civil War.

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