Federal Power Shok 360 Buckhammer

First Impressions: Federal Power-Shok 360 Buckhammer Ammunition

Optimized for lever-action guns, this straight-wall cartridge is ready just in time for hunting season!

3 Firearm Modes of Operation (& How They're Powered)

It's very common for those unfamiliar with guns to misunderstand how their operating systems work.

Honored American Veterans Afield Takes Tacoma

Helping wounded veterans heal, one gathering at a time.

Silhouette Shooting: Fun for the Whole Family

The sport may have come to us by way of Mexico, but Silhouette is now an all-American pastime, too.

Throwback Thursday: Sherman's March to the Sea

Psychological warfare or retaliation, this Civil War maneuver left scars you can still see.

Classic Marlin 1894 Lever Guns Returning to U.S.!

Ruger's reviving this touchstone of American innovation, and demand is already fierce.

Throwback Thursday: Buffalo Bill's Wild West

Creating the legend of the Wild West even as it happened.

How Do Guns Work? Lever-Actions

A classic American design, explained.

Throwback Thursday: Annie Oakley's Guns

She may only have been 5 feet tall, but this shooter's shadow is a century long.

CCI Quiet-22 Ammo: Shoo Away Recoil & Report!

Quiet, quieter, quietest: New shooters and good neighbors alike will love this subsonic practice round.

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