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Marlin XT Youth .22

See the Marlin XT Youth .22 in action.

School Of The Musketeer

Take an inside look at the School of the Musketeer.


Learn more about NRA's Y.E.S. program.

Y.E.S. Youth Educational Stars

Learn more about the Youth Educational Stars.


Get an inside look at the Youth Hunter Education Challenge.

Kippi and Rob Leatham on the Springfield XD-S 4.0 9 mm

Veteran competitive shooters Kippi and Rob Leatham chat about the safety features of the Spingfield XD-S and why it is the perfect gun for new shooters.

2014 Y.E.S. Video

2014 Y.E.S. Video

Introducing the New Remington V3 Auto-Loading Shotgun

Assistant Online Editor Sarah Smith Barnum shares her thoughts on shooting the newest addition to Remington's auto-loader line: the V3.

Gun Enthusiasts Find Out Sex of Baby Using Colored Chalk and AR15

Forget cake and balloons! Shooting an AR15 at a box of colored chalk is definitely the way to announce the gender of your baby.

National Archery Record Set By Two-Year-Old Girl in India

Rather than playing with dolls, two-year-old Dolly Shivani Cherukuri of India is setting national archery records.

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