How Do Guns Work? Single-Shot Mechanisms

For many people, a single-shot gun is their first gun. Here's how they work.

How Do Guns Work? Lever-Actions

A classic American design, explained.

How Do Guns Work? Bolt-Actions

Here's why bolt-action guns are here to stay.

How Do Guns Work? Slide/Pump-Actions

A uniquely American operating system.

How Do Guns Work? Self-Loading Mechanisms

We break down how semi-automatics work.

How Do Guns Work? Revolver Trigger Types

SA, DA/SA, DAO...we translate the acronyms into English.

How Do Guns Work? Self-Loading Pistol Triggers

The next in our series about how guns work.

Semi-Auto and Pump-Action Long Gun Triggers

The latest in our "How Do Guns Work" series.

How Do Guns Work? Break-Action & Double-Barrel Triggers

How the fire control systems of more "traditional" long guns work.

How Do Guns Work? Rarer Shotgun Triggers

We've covered semi-autos, break-actions and here's the rest.

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