Cool Jobs: Knifemaker

It began as a necessity, but it became a passion.

Cool Jobs: Young Adult Adventure Writer

Writing and outdoor adventures go hand-in-hand.

Cool Jobs: Scrimshander

Sandy Brady's engraved gun grips, knives, billiard balls, cue sticks and jewelry can be found in collections around the world.

Cool Outdoor Job: Podcaster

If that sounds like the least-outdoorsy job you can imagine, try imagining again.

Cool Jobs: Hunting Dog Breeder

It's only puppy love, but it's still a very cool career.

Cool Jobs: Marine Patrol

On the water with the Marine Patrol.

Cool Jobs: Wildlife Filmmaker

Talk about a cool career! Is it for you?

Cool Jobs: Outdoor Photographer

If you love photography and the outdoors, this might just be the cool job for you.

Cool Jobs: Hunting Outfitter

Could this be the "cool job" for you?

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