.45 Flat: Springfield's XD-S

It should be obvious that a concealed-carry handgun needs to be both concealable and easy to carry. These features tend to ensure the gun will achieve so-called “habitual carry” status—and therefore be present when the dark day comes and it’s needed.

Weatherby’s WBY-X GH2

he workmanship and attention to detail are superb. The pink “spider web” pattern is innovative and classy. The bluing is matte, and very well executed, right down to the two-tone bolt. The GH2 is an extremely nice-looking firearm.

Calling All Turkeys!

Confused about how to bring a gobbler into shotgun range? Here are your options!

LaserLyte Laser Plinking Can

There's nothing more fun than plinking tin cans out in your backyard. And now with these new laser plinking cans there's no need to forgo the fun when the weather is bad. Just set them up on a shelf inside and plink away!

Franchi Affinity Sporting

Looking for a scattergun the entire family will enjoy? Check out the Franchi Affinity.

Regis Giles - Hunting Tips

Regis Giles - Hunting Tips

Jack Evans - The Art of Camo

Jack Evans - The Art of Camo

Jack Evans - Upland Birds

Jack Evans - Upland Birds

Video: To Build a Fire

Just in case you ever find yourself in a Jack London short story...

Chore Cheat-Code

Hunting and shooting are so much fun…cleaning the guns? Not so much. Well, not until now, anyway.

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