Review: The Gunbox, Safe Yet Accessible Gun Storage

posted on September 20, 2020

I’ve always been extremely cautious about the safe storage of firearms in my home. For years, all my guns—both handguns and long guns—were stored unloaded in a locked gun safe in the basement. But when rumors of break-ins began circulating in our neighborhood, my wife made this comment:

“You know, all those guns of yours locked in the basement won’t do us much good if we did happen to experience a break-in while we were home,” she said. “By the time you got down there, unlocked the gun safe and loaded one of them it would be way too late.”

She was right, of course, which got me to searching for a solution. The Gunbox was just what I was looking for. A steel, clamshell-type design, this handsome handgun safe is just large enough to accommodate one full-sized handgun and an extra magazine or two. The Gunbox is so inconspicuous that it can be located anywhere in the home or office, blending in with most any decor.

“We’re the leader in plain-sight firearms storage,” said Rob Simpson, vice-president of sales for The Gunbox. “Our cutting-edge technology gives firearms owners quick access to a handgun while keeping everyone else out, especially children.”

Access to The Gunbox is by a biometric fingerprint scanner that can hold up to 25 fingerprints, or by a variety of RFiD (radio frequency identification) tags such as a keycard, fob, ring, wristband or sticker label. My wife and I both have our fingerprints scanned into the safe, and it opens within seconds. 

You can also program the safe to open by touching a numbered keypad in the right sequence. However, something to keep in mind when relying on a touch pad is whether or not you or a loved one will be able to remember the correct number sequence in time of emergency.        

Upon first acquiring my Gunbox about two years ago, the only issue I experienced was with the fingerprint scanner during cold weather. At times, my hands were chilly when I attempted to open the safe, and I didn’t realize that my fingerprints had contracted. As a result, the safe would not allow me immediate access; the fingerprint scanner would chirp and flash red. That problem was remedied by simply re-scanning my fingerprint while my hand was cold. 

In fact, the manufacturer recommends when first programming your Gunbox that you scan your fingerprint several times in several different positions: with finger directly on the scanner, slightly off to the left, slightly off to the right, slightly high, slightly low, etc. In that way, the scanner records those various fingerprint positions and the safe will open even if your finger is not placed on the scanner in exactly the same way each time.           

There are two models of the The Gunbox to choose from: the 2.0 (MSRP $289) and the Echo (MSRP $179). The 2.0 is slightly larger and heavier than the Echo; made for home and office use, it offers two USB charging ports for a phone, tablet, etc. The Echo is intended for travel, as a way to have your handgun safely secured in your vehicle or a motel room. 

Both units can be tethered to a wall, bed frame or other heavy furniture via a locking steel cable, sold separately. And both models come standard with an audible motion/tamper alarm and are TSA approved. There are two colors to choose from, Carbon Black (Matte) or Gun Smoke (Brownish Grey). When not connected to an electrical outlet, the safe is operated by a rechargeable lithium battery that holds a charge up to six months.    

The Gunbox’s latest offering is the SK-1 Tactical, a gun safe developed to hold an AR-15 style rifle or home-defense shotgun. Priced at a MSRP of $699, it’s even equipped with Bluetooth speakers that allow you to stream your favorite music from your smartphone!

If you are looking to keep your family safe, yet at the same time wanting to keep your firearms away from inquisitive kids/grandkids—take a look at The Gunbox. It’s secure handgun storage with quick access. As my wife reasoned, why have a gun for personal protection if you can’t get to it when you need it?


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