SHOT 2020: Air Venturi BADA BANG Target System

posted on January 22, 2020
At the 2020 SHOT Show, the good folks at Air Venturi--a leader in air pistols and rifles--have found a way for shooters to enjoy the competition and camaraderie of range time with friends without having to leave their homes. It's essentially a way to take all the fun of online multi-player competition and combine it with the real practical benefits of marksmanship practice using air guns, and they've given it the best name I've seen for a new product in a long time: the BADA BANG.

It starts with the compact but durable little BADA BANG unit itself, which is pictured above. All one needs to do is set it up in a location with a safe backstop--that's not difficult or expensive to do indoors when we're talking about air guns. (Here are our suggestions for how to do that.) It's set up with Bluetooth connectivity, and it's both Apple and Android compatible. Just download the free BADA BANG app to your smart phone or mobile device, and you're ready to go.

The BADA BANG tracks each strike to the target from your air gun, giving you real-time feedback about your marksmanship. But that's just where the fun begins. Select one of the games from the app, find a friend anywhere in the world to play with, and get to shooting! If you've ever enjoyed a little friendly trash-talking with your buddies while playing an online video game, you can just imagine how much more fun you could have if you were competing with an actual, physical air pistol or rifle instead of some game developer's simulacrum of one. 

The best part is that the whole shebang will set you back a mere $99.99. Compare that to the cost of just about any gaming system on the market, and you'll realize that you're looking at a way to safely train and work on your marksmanship...while razzing your pals who live across the world. Keep an eye on this space for a more complete review in the coming weeks...and for more information, visit


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