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5 NRA Carry Guard Expo Classes For Women

5 NRA Carry Guard Expo Classes For Women

The 2018 NRA Carry Guard Expo will be kicking off in Richmond, Virginia sooner than you think—September 14 through 16—and when it does, there'll be some terrific self-defense seminars for women. Not only are all of these five seminars designed specifically for women, they're taught by women...women who have been where you are now and can offer you some time-tested, real-world advice that will help you secure your safety. Best yet, each of these is free with your price of admission to the show...and yes, tickets to the show are on sale now (click here to purchase). Here are five seminars you don't want to miss! (Please note that locations and times are subject to change; you should consider checking back as the show opens.)

13rd Annual American Rifleman Ladies Pistol Project 
Led by American Rifleman's Ann Smith, as well as and Donna Worthy and Casey Jackson of Worth-A-Shot Firearms and Training, this seminar is the result of our ongoing effort to determine which guns, and in particular which features on those guns, women like best. With so many new pistol models introduced in the recent past, what will this year’s results yield? Find out first at this special session. This is sure to be an inspiring session for female shooters and gun retailers alike! 

2. Methods of Concealed Carry for Women 
Presented by NRA's Diane Danielson and Debbie Crews, the Methods of Concealed Carry for Women seminar will tackle a wide variety of holster and carry options using Blue Guns to simulate many of the most popular handguns for women. As part of the seminar, Danielson and Crews will offer brief demonstrations of how the holster/gun combinations are used and allow the ladies hands-on access to each in order to determine which will fit and work best for them.

3. Non-Lethal & Concealable Self-Defense Tools for Women
Helmed by Emily Valentine, founder of Style Me Tactical, a concealed carry lifestyle blog, and host of the Not Your Average Gun Girls podcast, this seminar is especially for women who might not be comfortable carrying a firearm (or who can't legally carry a firearm due to their local gun laws). This seminar will explore a range of non-lethal self-defense tools that are viable options for women. Additionally, this seminar will also explore ways to carry/conceal these non-lethal self-defense tools as part of a woman's wardrobe.

4. For Women: Handgun Fit, Function and Making Educated Decisions
Hosted by NRA's Diane Danielson and Debbie Crews, this seminar will cover how to determine your primary intended use for your gun, the size of the grip, shape of the grip, profile and aggressiveness of the grip, trigger position, trigger weight, safety features, racking a slide and more. The seminar will provide plenty of example guns that are popular among women, but it will also empower seminar-goers to confidently stroll the show floor in search of the handgun that works best for them.

5. Drawing From a Holster: Step by Step Method and Drills for Women 
Last but not least (by a long shot) is this seminar, in which women will learn to draw and dry fire from a concealable outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster. We will provide various size holsters, give step-by-step method for draw, aim, fire, assess and re-holster using standard practice drills. What's unique about this seminar is that the presenters will provide personalized attention to individual students, so although it's free with your price of admission you will need to pre-register. Click here to do it...you won't be sorry

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