Video Review: SIG Sauer P238 Scorpion

posted on July 16, 2018
SIG Sauer's P238 Scorpion, a 1911-style micro .380 designed specifically for concealed carry, is evidence of a long-held belief of those who live in scorpion country: The smaller the scorpion, the worse the sting! This diminutive semi-automatic pistol weighs just under a pound and is 1.1 inches thick, making it perfect for concealed carry...even under lightweight summer clothing. With a crisp single-action trigger and real, usable night sights, the Scorpion stands out among other pocket-carry .380s in that it's pleasant to shoot and offers the kind of accuracy you've come to expect from SIG. One innovation is that, although the Scorpion lacks the traditional 1911 grip safety in favor of an external thumb safety, the slide can be racked and manipulated without having to ever take the gun off "safe." To learn more about the Scorpion, check out this review from American Rifleman's Kelly Young.


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