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Ohio NRA Instructor Introduces Women to the Shooting Sports

Ohio NRA Instructor Introduces Women to the Shooting Sports

undefinedLima News highlights the increase in female gun ownership

Lima News
 reporter Megan Kinnear explores the rise in female gun ownership in Ohio and across the United States ...

Women with guns on the rise
Gun classes and courses offered in the Lima area to women

Lima, Ohio - In the United States, the interest and use of guns for recreation or self-protection among women is growing. Gun clubs and Conceal Carry Weapon instructors are responding to the demand, and see the need for women-only events and courses.

According to a poll on gallup.com, gun ownership among women in the United States jumped from 33 percent in 2009 to 43 percent in 2011 - a 10 percent increase in just two years. In comparison, men reporting ownership on the same poll increased only one percent in the same timeframe.

In an effort to help other women feel at ease, CCW Instructor Stephanie Alvarez of Pink Ice Gun Classes began offering classes to women only.

To read how Alvarez is helping usher women into the shooting sports, visit our friends at the NRA Blog here.

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